Climate Justice

Our UU values compel us to confront the injustice and urgency of climate change.


The situation is becoming so desperate that people across the globe are demanding action.


We will work in conjunction with a diverse coalition of individuals, allies and partners; and


We will follow the leadership of those most directly impacted by climate disruption; and


We will push for state-wide climate legislation that will achieve 100% renewable energy sources by 2030, creating green jobs, and obtaining climate justice for those affected by climate disruption.

1. Join the NH UU Climate Action Team

The NH UU Climate Action envisions a carbon neutral world in which the threat of the climate crisis has been effectively and justly addressed for all of society. To get this world, we will:

  1. Identify how the climate crisis will change NH in both the short and long term

  2. Identify significant sources of carbon and other greenhouse gases in NH

  3. Identify what can be done in NH to reduce the emission of carbon and greenhouse gases and reduce the amount of such gases in the atmosphere

  4. Monitor, evaluate and address local, state, national and international legislation that will impact the climate crisis

  5. Educate other Unitarian Universalists on the scope of the existing crisis, what they can do to address it, and offer spiritual practices to nurture long-term engagement

  6. Rally Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith reject legislation and infrastructure projects that would exacerbate the climate crisis and support those projects that mitigate it

Join us! Contact us so you can join us next monthly meeting.

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2. Bring UUANH to your congregation!

The overwhelming scale of the Climate Crisis can paralyze rather than incite action. UU Action NH provides educational and spiritual resources to sustain and nurture Climate Justice work for the long haul.


Services: In collaboration with the UU Ministry for the Earth, our director, Tristan Husby, has prepared a service on Climate Justice. He is be happy to bring this service to your congregation! Email him to schedule a service.


Workshops: In collaboration with faith leaders in the Granite State, UU Action NH is excited to offer workshops that allow us to honestly confront the climate crisis without immobilizing ourselves. Email us to schedule a workshop.