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Climate Justice

Our UU values compel us to confront the injustice and urgency of climate change.


The situation is becoming so desperate that people across the globe are demanding action.


We will work in conjunction with a diverse coalition of individuals, allies and partners; and


We will follow the leadership of those most directly impacted by climate disruption; and


We will push for state-wide climate legislation that will achieve 100% renewable energy sources by 2030, creating green jobs, and obtaining climate justice for those affected by climate disruption.

1. Climate Strike

On September 20, 2019, UU Action NH is joining the UUA and hundreds of other organizations around the world to join the Climate Strike.


There will be actions across the state. Please check this website for updated information.

To stay updated on UUs and the NH Climate Strike, please email us.

2. Lobby your NH Representatives and Senators

UU Action NH supports the passage of HB365, which would allow businesses, towns and school districts the ability to save money from the power that they make.

The NH State House will be convening on September 18 and 19 to vote on this bill and others. If you are interested in attending a vigil at the State House in support of this bill, please email us.

3. Invite UUANH to your congregation!

The overwhelming scale of the Climate Crisis can paralyze rather than incite action. UU Action NH provides educational and spiritual resources to sustain and nurture Climate Justice work for the long haul.


Services: In collaboration with the UU Ministry for the Earth, our director, Tristan Husby, has prepared a service on Climate Justice. He is be happy to bring this service to your congregation! Email him to schedule a service.


Workshops: In collaboration with faith leaders in the Granite State, UU Action NH is excited to offer workshops that allow us to honestly confront the climate crisis without immobilizing ourselves. Email us to schedule a workshop.