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Second Annual

UU Action NH



Saturday, November 9


UU Church of Nashua

True, moving stories told in front of a live audience: you!

Enjoy food, stories and fellowship while supporting UU Justice Organizing in New Hampshire!

This year's theme: Wholeness

Storyteller 1

Rev. Allison Palm was called as the settled minister of UU Nashua in May 2015. She is lifelong Unitarian Universalist and a Minnesota native.

Rev. Allison Palm

Storyteller 2

Brenda Lett is the author of The Race Between and is a member of UU Manchester. Biography and photo forthcoming.

Brenda Lett

Storyteller 3

Joanna Meyer is a long-time UU in Montpelier VT. She taught psychology at Johnson State college, has 4 superlative children and 7 visionary grandchildren.

Master of Ceremonies

Biography and photo forthcoming.

Joanna Meyer
Rev. Shayna Appel
Roy Goodman

Roy Goodman grew up in South Africa and was educated in Israel. He immigrated to America in 1972. His second novel, Isaac's Story, will be released shortly.

Storyteller 4

Laurilee Roy

Laurilee Roy Graduated from Hesser College with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and then went onto SNHU and earned a Master Degree of Education and Special Education.  She is a member of the Greater Manchester NAACP and CEA (Correctional Educators Association).

Storyteller 5

We are Unitarian Universalists called to confront the climate crisis and to work for climate justice in New Hampshire.

We plan to gather together in early January to plan to 

  • advocate for laws that support clean energy and Green Jobs

  • oppose the extraction of carbon intensive fuels

  • renew our houses of worship to be energy efficient and carbon neutral

  • lead spiritual practices that renew us for prolonged confrontation with climate injustice


We invite YOU to join us in this work. No matter how small your gift of time or money, it will be gratefully received.

Want to help plan our January meeting?


Join our Zoom call, Tuesday, November 12, 7:30 PM

Register HERE.