Nashua Host Home Network


The Nashua Host Home Network (NHHN) is an interfaith group sponsored by UU Action NH and 6 Congregations in Greater Nashua. NHHN supports asylum seekers and the resettlement of refugees. Today we have 14 active volunteers who help Patricia, a single mother, Prime, her 10-year-old son, and Blessing, her 6-year-old daughter enter American life. Patricia and her family escaped persecution in the Congo, their native country, and they were forced to hide out in a refugee camp in Malawi for 5 years. The goal is to establish stability, support health and education,
and get Patricia and family to the point where they can thrive.

The work and assistance needed is a lot more than one would think. We are looking for additional helpers this wonderful family.

To volunteer, contact:
Paul Introcaso:  or
Jessica Price:

To donate: Make checks payable to: 
Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua
58 Lowell Street
Nashua, NH 03064 Attn: Ericka LaValley
Please write “Nashua Host Home Network” in the memo line.



Prime and Blessing.JPG

Prime and Blessing

Interviews with hosts of asylum seekers

Why did your guests come to the US?

What was your motivation for being a host for an asylum seeker?

What kind of support was essential to being a host home?

What are your recommendations for people thinking of being a host?

What recommendations do you have for dealing with cultural differences?