Nashua Host Home Network

We are neighbors from Nashua and the greater area who work together to support asylum seekers and immigrants in our community. While our members primarily come from different faith communities in Nashua, we welcome anyone's participation.

After forming in 2019, we are now helping "Inna". Inna is living with one of our members and we are helping raise funds for her for legal representation. Please donate to this worthy cause!

Our hope is to make this work long lasting and sustainable. We currently meet every Wednesday at 1PM over Zoom. If you are interested in volunteering to support our work, please contact Tristan.

Why did your guests come to the US?


What was your motivation for being a host for an asylum seeker?

What kind of support was essential to being a host home?

What are your recommendations for people thinking of being a host?

What recommendations do you have for dealing with cultural differences?

Interviews with hosts of asylum seekers