Volunteer Canvassing Opportunities 

We are gearing up for the midterm elections, and we could use your help to reach and engage communities of color, formerly incarcerated individuals, and low-income voters about the importance of showing up to vote this November. Staff will provide training and equipment for door-to-door canvassing. All you need is to sign-up to join our volunteer canvassing program for one shift or more. 


UUANH takes freedom seriously, and knows that we can't be free if our family and friends are in cages. Decarceration is the work of getting people out

To help people get off of and stay out of cages, we incubate projects, such as the NH Bail and Bond Fund and the Nashua Host Home Network, in which NH residents work together to meet the needs of immigrants in the Granite State.

UUANH is a member of the NH Immigrant Solidarity Network, which advocates for policies changes at the state and federal level in support of immigrants.