UUANH calls upon Unitarian Universalist congregations in New Hampshire to sign interfaith declaratio

In January of 2017, congregations from around New Hampshire joined interfaith organizations such as the Granite State Organizing Project to work with immigrant families who were facing the threat of being torn apart by the ICE (Immigrant and Customs Enforcement). Since that meeting, we have accompanied immigrants as they check in with ICE at the Federal Building in Manchester. We also worked to create a Rapid Response Network in order to identify quickly the needs of immigrant families after a raid.

We are now inviting other congregations to join in this work and to join us publicly. In the last week of September, the Granite State Organizing Project will hold a press conference in which they announce the list of faith communities who have signed onto the declaration of “Support, Accompaniment, Advocacy, & Sanctuary.” The more congregations that sign onto this declaration - no matter how little support they can give - the more powerful this statement will be. The declaration details what kind of actions signatory congregations agree to do. These actions range from the dramatic, such as offering physical sanctuary in a church building, to the mundane, such as offering rides. All levels of support are needed. Declaration of any level support is enough to qualify your congregation as a signatory.

Please review this declaration and bring it to your congregation’s leadership. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to UUANH or to the Granite State Organizing Project.

Again, you can find the declaration here.

Granite State Organizing Project:

Sarah Jane Kanoy





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