Phonebank to protect voting rights! Oppose HB 372

Unitarian Universalist Action New Hampshire opposes HB 372, because this bill will make it harder to vote in New Hampshire.

Currently in New Hampshire, citizens only need to prove that they live in a domicile in the state in order to register to vote. HB 372 would only permit those who can prove that they reside in the state to vote. If HB 372 passed, active military service members, visiting professionals, and students would have a harder time registering to vote in New Hampshire. UUANH encourages UUs in New Hampshire to volunteer with NH Campaign for Voting Rights to phonebank to oppose this bill (these phonebanks are digital; you can work from home).

As Unitarian Universalists, UUANH deeply values the democratic process. Indeed, the fifth principle of Unitarian Universalism is: “The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.” Because of our commitment to the fifth principle, UUANH opposes any attempt at voter suppression in New Hampshire and supports programs that will make voting even easier. Voting ought to be as easy as possible in order to encourage all citizens to vote.

HB 372 passed in the Senate Election Law Committee, and as a result will come to a vote in the legislative session in 2018. The Concord Monitor covered this vote. UUANH encourages you both to reach out to your

to oppose this bill and to join the NH Campaign for Voting Rights to phonebank to oppose this bill.

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